Global Bordeaux  supplies the finest investment grade wines in the world to investors seeking tax effective growth from an alternative asset class with limited correlation to other financial markets and displaying a track record of performance.

Wine investments represent the better aspects of traditional investment vehicles whilst omitting the common drawbacks to create some of the most efficient and flexible investments in the market today.


The unique characteristics that influence the fine wine market has meant that the shocking downturn in global stock markets were not felt to the same degree, and experienced a rapid recovery since the beginning of 2009.  The last 25 years provides strong support that wine is, to a greater extent, insulated against the levels of volatility experienced elsewhere, offers greater levels of protection against inflation and therefore, an ideal tool for diversification.


Our recommendations are secluded to only the most exceptional vintages from the top tier producers in Bordeaux, with a proven trading history and hence capable of showing the greatest potential growth.  It is these very wines that continue to generate headlines in the financial press and grab the lion’s share of the attention at every stage of the market.


​Fine Wine Investments